Duke Nukem - Sega Master System - OST
Soundtrack for the Duke Nukem SMS port. Original music and conversions. Written for the Sega Master System PSG chip.
(Download it for free on Bandcamp)

All the Way through 2016.
Year-long VGM Project (1 song per month, during 1 year).
(Download it for free on Bandcamp)

Notte Breve EP
VGM Halloween Special Mini-Album.
(Buy it on Bandcamp)

Giants Fists of Doom
Alex Kidd in Miracle World Tribute Album.
(Buy it on Bandcamp)

Game of Thrones - PSG Cover
Game of Thrones - Sega Master System Cover.
(Download for free on Bandcamp)

Alis no Densetsu
Phantasy Star Medley Track.
(Download for free on Bandcamp)

I Eat Serials in the Morning
Megaman 1-3 Tribute Album.
(Download for free on Bandcamp)

computer games

Retro-inspired 2D Precision Platformer. Coded in ActionScript (Stencyl framework).
(Play for free on Gamejolt)

Shin Doraigo
Procedural vertical scrolling shooter (STG). Coded in ActionScript (Stencyl framework).
(Play for free on Gamejolt)
(Download Manual (PDF))

In The Walls of Eryx
Arcade style maze game. Inspired by the H.P Lovecraft story. Coded in ActionScript.
(Play for free on Kongregate)

Duke Nukem - Sega Master System
A new old adventure from Duke Nukem - for the Sega Master System.
(Buy Physical cart from Revo)

mini games

Platformer mini game. Made for GBJAM3. Simulates a Gameboy game. Coded in Actionscript (Stencyl framework).
(Play for free at Gamejolt)
(Download for Windows Desktop)

Bay Third Dungeon
Text-Adventure / Digital Comic for the Sega Master System. Done for the SMSPower Rush Competition. Made with twee2sam.
(Download for Sega Master System)
(twee2sam source code)

Pong-clone mini game. Made for MiniLD58. A simple inverse take on pong. Coded in GML.
(Download for Windows Desktop)

Bellum Purpuram
stg mini game. Made for LudumDare 48. Theme was Connected World. Coded in GML.
(Download for Windows Desktop)

AKMW: Stormtrooper Revenge
ROM Hack of Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Star Wars themed.
(Download IPS for Master System)

other stuff
Dwelling of Duels Entries: 10 years worth of videogame music remixes.

class_csv_header: PHP class to read CSV Files.

ghostcss: Lightweight, grid-based, css boilerplate.

Twee UDL: An User Defined Language for twee (twine) source files. For Notepad++.

GTR-2 Results Parser: PHP class to parse GTR-2 Results file.

GOT-SMS Sources: Music Demo for the Sega Master System.

SMS Fonts: Font Set for the Sega Master System.

4 Cruude Duudes: My first platformer game. Made in ActionScript2 (Flash).

nanoid: My first ActionScript2 game. A simple, single-level, breakout clone.

Space Hell: My first attempt at a shmup. Probably the ugliest game ever made. Windows XP only.

Vector Assault: Another shmup. This time made in ActionScript3 (Flash). 2 color black and green graphics.

Ferrari 430 Challenge: A Very simple top-down racing game. Coded in ActionScript3 (Flash).

Project Orbital : Unfinished single-screen shooter. Coded in AS3 (Flash)

SMS PT-BR Translations: A pack of 5 IPS patches to translate some SMS games to PT-BR.

Blade Eagle 2D: IPS patch to make Blade Eagle work in 2D.

GTR-2 Dino 246GT Mod: This mod (converted from rFactor) add the Dino 246GT to GTR-2.

GTR-2 Scuderia Libra Skin Pack: A pack of 12 purple colored cars for GTR-2.

GTR-2 Misc. Skin Pack: Some old skins (liveries) for GTR-2.

GTR-2 Ferrari 312PB Mod: This mod (converted from rFactor) adds the Ferrari 312PB to GTR-2.

GP2 Cockpit Mod: A Cockpit mod for Microprose's GP2.

GP2 Cockpit Mod 2.0: A Cockpit mod for Microprose's GP2 (v2).

GP2 Track Loader (GP2-HD): A utility to load tracks off the hardrive. For Microprose's GP2

Retroamp: A windows-based audio player for SPC files (Super Nintendo Music Files).

Vortendo: Windows port of my very basic and really not good NES emulator.

SADNES: The original DOS port of my NES emulator. (Written in QBasic).

CDRip: Small program to convert cd audio to mp3. (Written in Visual Basic).

4CharGen: Generates 4 Digit Random Number. (Written in Visual Basic).

gingerhtml: A simple text editor (windows-based) for editing html files.

Stingray: Windows frontend for the DOS version of CPS2MAME.

Hiryu: Windows frontend for the DOS version of Calice (CPS1 Emulator)

GBTools: Some rom editing tools for Gameboy ROMS (.gb files). Written in Qbasic.

XTEmu: A DOS command line simulator. Written in QB45. Text is in pt_br.

MSiX: A non finished, non-working MSX emulator for DOS.

Disclaimer: All software programs here are provided as-is, and i take no responsability for any undesired effects or damage it may cause. Everything here was coded by myself. Sources are available on some of the packages, if they can be of interest.
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